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From PUNCH to Dumarey: Italian entities complete the change


Turin, 2nd February 2024

The Dumarey Group, formerly known as PUNCH Group, is marking its expansion in Italy by renaming its Italian businesses. The Italian entities thereby follow the rebranding of the Group, which was announced at its 40th anniversary in September, last year. The new name represents a strong statement: the long-term commitment and vision of its unique shareholder, the Dumarey family from Belgium.

Dumarey Group, a global leader in propulsion solutions for the automotive industry, has been acquiring and building operations across Italy since 2020. Altogether, the Italian entities now employ almost 2,000 people.

As of 1 February 2024, the Dumarey Group companies in Italy are: Dumarey Automotive Italia Spa, Dumarey Propulsion Solutions Srl, Dumarey Softronix Srl. Vitesco Technologies Italy Srl will be renamed Dumarey Flowmotion Technologies Srl as of 1st April 2024.

"Our decision to rename and rebrand our entities in Torino and Pisa highlights that we are now part of a bigger, highly innovative and family-owned group, with more and more synergies and a wider product and service portfolio" stated Pierpaolo Antonioli, CEO of Dumarey Automotive Italia Spa and CTO of the Dumarey Group. “We are proud that a significant part of the group’s R&D power is based in Italy. Our ambition is to further strengthen our ability to deliver leading-edge products and services to our customers, helping them move to a more sustainable and affordable mobility."

"We recognize Italy's rich heritage in automotive and its strong pool of skilled professionals," said Guido Dumarey, Founder and President of Dumarey Group. "Our investments in Italy are a strategic move that will allow us to better serve our global customers."

All Italian businesses will also follow the Dumarey Group's new branding strategy. The rebranding emphasizes the commitment to align with the group's vision: We are driving towards a sustainable mobility for all.

The group moves towards an integrated brand architecture around the name Dumarey and this includes a shift to new brand names and identities in alignment with Dumarey's updated portfolio and business focus. All companies will use the Dumarey logo which demonstrates that they all belong to the same group and implies that there are synergies between the different entities, being dedicated to sustainable propulsion solutions.


About Dumarey Group


The Dumarey Group is an independent supplier for the development, integration and production of high-performance propulsion solutions starting with transmissions and engines. Its Turin based subsidiaries are specialized in engineering innovative propulsion systems and state-of-the-art control solutions. Combined expertise in development, manufacturing and technology integration through proven systems and processes enables the Dumarey Group to provide turnkey solutions. Dumarey's product range includes transmissions (Dumarey Powerglide - for passenger cars and commercial vehicles), engines for fuel-based (Dumarey Engines) and for H2-based –hydrogen based solution (Dumarey Hydrocells), injectors and after-treatment solutions (Dumarey Flowmotion), electronic control units (Dumarey Softronix) and kinetic energy recovery and storage systems (Dumarey Flybrid). The Group employs close to 3,000 people in 7 locations in Europe and Asia, approaching annual sales of €1 billion. From its foundation in 1983 until recently, the Dumarey Group was known as PUNCH.


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